Taiwanese singer-songwriter R Chord is known for speaking his mind without the fear of what others might think and say and he is back at it again promoting that mindset with his latest pre-release track “Braveheart”

The singer has always sent out strong messages through his music expressing his thoughts about the real world. This time, “Braveheart” encourages you take lead in your own life and not let others tell you what to do. Through it’s strong EDM beats and R Chord‘s well known rap skills, of course incorporating some Taiwanese Hokkien, he tells you to bravely walk forward, and to not fear other people’s judgement and comments.

The music video seems to be quite simple with most scenes filmed with a band on the rooftop of a building. But interestingly enough, the visual effects and camera angles makes the music video rather intriguing to watch. The video also focuses on transitioning through different people by zooming into the pupils of various ‘life dictators’ such as parents, teachers and politicians, and of course, those who are hoping to chase their dreams.

“Braveheart” is the pre-release track to his new album Want You To Know which will be released on August 26th.