Rainie Yang in the midst of promoting her tenth studio album Traces of Time In Love. 

Her latest music video “The Audience” invites past co-stars from past and popular Taiwanese idol dramas; Mike He from Devil Beside You, Wilber Pan from Miss No Good, and Show Luo from Hi My Sweetheart to star as past lovers.

The track is an emotional ballad singing about love and how past relationships just end up being part of the audience in her life’s journey.

The music video stars Mike He as her reckless and short-lived first love, Show Luo with an unrequited love, and Wilber Pan being a man who loves her dearly, but she doesn’t feel the same. In the end, the three men can only watch as she walks down the aisle, and closes her chapter with another man.

The music video brings backs lots of nostalgic feels, and it’s no surprise that someone like Rainie is able to gather so many big names to star in her music video.

Who was your favourite Rainie drama couple? Are they in the MV below?