Taiwanese pop sweetheart Rainie Yang is set to release her 2016 album Traces Of Time In Love soon, and has released the first single of the same name to the excitement of fans and friends alike.

The single’s lyrics were notably written for Rainie specially by friend and lead singer of Sodagreen Wu Tsing Feng, who gave it to her to commemorate her growth as a person.

Producer of the album George Chen said of this: “he (Tsing Feng) felt Rainie’s real warmth in using her voice to mark her growth…, finely wrought yet with Rainie’s own style”.

The album will be Rainie’s tenth, and is symbolic of her looking back on her past experiences and amalgamating them together.

The new single has been praised widely on social media, by many critically acclaimed artists such as Harlem Yu, Mickey Huang, Vivian Hsu, Show Lo, Mayday, Da S, Xiao S, Tanya Chua, Sodagreen, Wu Tsing Feng, Peggy Hsu, JJ Lin, Cyndi Wang, Janice Hsu, Michelle Chen, Claire Kuo, Lala Hsu, Ariel Lin, Angela Chang, Gillian Chung, and Charlene Choi, as well as countless others.

If that’s not a stamp of approval, I don’t know what is. Check out her latest single below!