It’s a bit unbelievable, but FT Island has been around for 9 years. Having first debuted in 2007, they have come so far. Their latest album is the first album to have been totally produced by the members, and it shows them going back to their rock roots. With the Korean music industry being populated with so much pop, it’s certainly refreshing to hear other genres!

Take Me Now is a rocking psychedelic mess, and if that’s what we can expect from their tour, then I so want to be there! It’s no wonder that they are definitely more popular in Korea, their music totally fits into the music scene there.

Whilst we will be able to hear some of the new tracks off their latest album, Where’s The Truth, we are also secretly hoping that they will play some of the classic tracks from the past 9 years! It’s been three long years since we’ve seen the boys, and Singapore is ready to welcome them back again.

To finish up their tour promoting their latest album, FT Island will be making one final stop in Singapore on 11 February 2017.

Event Details:

FT Island Live  [ The Truth ] Singapore

February 11th 2017
Singapore Indoor Stadium
Ticket prices from:  $88, $128,  $188, $158 $228, $288. Get them now!

Singapore will mark the end of their Asia tour. Be sure to catch them or who knows how long you’ll have to wait to see them again!