Singer-Songwriter-Producer, Wonho, has released his highly anticipated solo debut mini album – WONHO 1ST MINI ALBUM Part. 1 Love Synonym #1 : Right for Me.

Love Synonym symbolises a new start, marking his first step as a solo artist; this album showcases not only his vocal ability, but also his lyrical, compositional, and production skills. Particularly, Wonho participated in writing a number of songs on the album, including the title-track ‘Open Mind’ and the pre-released single ‘Losing You‘.

‘Open Mind’ is a rhythmical, dreamy-like electronic pop track, that reinforces Wonho’s determination to begin his new world with an open mind. It has been released in both Korean and English in order to communicate with domestic and overseas fans who have waited for his comeback for a long time.

This album takes you through the journey, with each of the eight different tracks delivering different atmospheres and moods – all effortlessly owned by Wonho. 

Listen to Love Synonym on Spotify now!