It’s been awhile since we have heard from Kimberley Chen, but the Australian-born, Taiwan-based singer is finally back with her single, “Forget Your Feelings” (管你的擁抱 fyf)

The singer tells us what’s it’s like to fall in love with her best friend that’s the same sex, but she, unfortunately, is in love with another man.

Kimberley explains that “love doesn’t see gender, religion, wealth, the colour of your skin or anything else surface wise. Being in love, is something way deeper than that, you love someone because of how they make you feel, who they are inside, not their body vessel of appearance which happens to contain their soul.”

The music video takes you on an emotional journey of the two girls having the time of their life, but in the end, she steps away into the arms of her man.

Check out the music video below: