Tianyo, an artist known as being one of the artists under Cantopop King Leon Wang’s record company AMusic released his first single “搞破壞Causing Trouble” in June this year, officially debuting as a new artist in the industry.


For his second single “倒數三秒 Counting Down Three Seconds”, he had the pleasure of inviting famed Hong Kong actress Sammi Cheng to be the lead. Both parties were pretty game, and as you can see through the music video, let some serious sparks fly!

AMusic also invited famed music video director Bi er Jia who has directed videos for the like of Jolin Tsai, G.E.M and Mayday to participate in the creation of this music video.


Sammi herself praised the song highly on the first listen, and expressed that she felt extremely excited being able to participate in the music video for it.


Have a gander at the video yourself and let us know what you think!