Talented Korean American singer-songwriter, Eric Nam released his third mini album “Honestly” and just dropped a warm music video for the title track.

The title track “Honestly” is a trendy pop genre track with a catchy hook and memorable synthesizer sounds. He co-composed the track with Jake Torrey and Rachel Siegel, and wrote the lyrics with Jay Kim.

“Honestly” expresses the honest thoughts of a guy who is considering a break-up. We love the beautiful cinematography, warm tone and breathtaking landscape used in the video. Don’t think we don’t realised the cinematic frame used, Eric. Everything blends well together and create a wonderful short film concept.

His new mini album of the same name is out now, and his long awaited comeback includes another hot cinematic MV for track titled “Potion”. “Potion” is a B-side track featuring rapper Woodie Gochild. The track features addictive beats and we can totally imagine what it’ll sound like with English lyrics.

The star wished for fans to enjoy his new music as much as he enjoyed making them. Seeing how both “Honestly” and “Potion” display Eric’s signature music style, we really can’t wait to see what the rest of the mini album has to offer.

The Korean-American K-pop idol has been scheduled to go on an “Honestly” tour to 14 cities throughout North America this summer. So if you wish to catch “Honestly” and “Potion” live, be sure to check out ericnam.com for more information. The Honestly mini-album is out now.