TXT, also known as Tomorrow x Together, is a new bright and youthful K-pop boyband by Big Hit. The group has released their very first album titled The Dream Chapter: STAR. Featuring debut single “Crown”, the long-awaited album does not disappoint.

“Crown” is a fun pop track with trendy synth-pop influence and summer vibes allowing each members’ individual musical skills and charms.

The music video is just as bright, energetic and aesthetically pleasing. We love the colourful and funky animated touches allowing the members to shine in their own way. Drawing references from youthful trends such as social media, GIFs, stickers, the music video editing is lit. Did anyone spot the Yayoi Kusama reference?

Also, MV shows us really lovely and epic dance moves by Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai. And full marks for combining the conventionally constructed stage with raw and Instagram story like cuts and animantion, and varying its editing and format slightly, the music video is really fun to watch.

It hits all the right spots, don’t you think?

The MV was released on March 4, and has garnered 15 million views. We can’t wait to see more from TXT.

Check out the music video for “Crown” below.