In lieu of the upcoming Golden Melody Awards, a three-day showcase will be held at ATT SHOWBOX from the 21st to 23rd of June, celebrating Taiwan’s unique brand of music alongside several international musical guests.

Sporting a lineup of some of Taiwan’s most critically acclaimed young artists, it has been announced that nominees of this years’ awards Crowd Lu and Chang & Lee will be performing, alongside past award nominees such as William Wei, Balai, Chiu-Pi, Hello Nico, Sticky Rice and Sunset Rollercoaster.

On top of that, the showcase has also invited several international musical guests to perform; namely Japanese band BAND-MAID and Thai trio MY LIFE AS ALI THOMAS.

From the showcase, one can expect new and exciting musical experiences from many of the artists in attendance. William Wei for instance, has said that during his segment of the showcase, he plans on rearranging award-winning songs with his own unique twist.

Hello Nico, a Taiwanese indie band nominated at the awards last year has said they will be performing a medley of eight popular songs during the showcase, which is bound to wow viewers.

Taiwanese duo Chang & lee have also mentioned that they have designed new performances with undisclosed special guests for the showcase. Guess you’ll just have to go and see for yourself!

Tickets for the Golden Melody Awards Showcase are currently on sale at FamiTicket. For more details, visit GMA’s website.