On March 11, 2011, a magnitude-9 earthquake shook northeastern Japan, unleashing a savage tsunami. The number of confirmed deaths is 15,891 making the “3.11” disaster one of the worst in modern times.

This March 11th is the 5 year anniversary of the Tohoku disaster in Japan. To show Australia’s support to the people still recovering from the disaster, there will be a commemorative ceremony and huge charity event held in Manly, featuring Japanese music and dance performers and cultural activities.

The event will be held on 11th and 12 March and will include a concert, featuring traditional Japanese dance, music and performance, with cultural talks, and a cosplay event. Special guests will also be invited, from Japan and here, to show their appreciation for the heartfelt support given by the people of Australia.

  • The Consul-General of Japan will make opening speech on March 11th at 4pm.
  • At 14.46, Japan time, 16:46 Sydney time on 11th March, via screen will be a link to the official Fukushima commemoration in Japan, for a live – one minutes silence.
  • Julia Gillard, Former Prime Minister of Australia’s exclusive message to Tohoku will be broadcast.
  • A special commendation shall be awarded to the Australian Rescue Team, who attended the disaster zone of Tohoku, by students from Tohoku University.
  • Students from Fukushima University will make speech who spoke at the UN Disaster Prevention Council.
  • Mr Takeshi Matsunaga, 4th generation traditional potter from Namie-city in Fukushima will make a speech.
  • Live performance by internationally acclaimed violinist Ms Ayako Ishikawa from Japan.
  • Live concert by the Celebrity singer and Pokemon voice over artist, Rica Matsumoto, shall be singing Pokemon song and entertaining with her message.
  • Performances of traditional Japanese art and music by Japanese performers.
    ( Japanese Drum, Samurai dance, Traditional dance, Koto, Shakuhachi, Imperial music, Calligraphy, Karate , Traditional music etc).
  • Japanese young people’s culture [Cosplay] contest.
  • Photo exhibition of the Tohoku disaster areas will be display.
  • The booth where children play Japanese traditional toys.
  • Traditional craft items from the Tohoku disaster areas will be on display.

The two venues in Manly who will be holding events are:

  • St Matthews Church
  • Corso, Manly

For more information about the 5th Anniversary memorial of the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and timetable of events please see here.