Niku Ou by Wagyu Ya is a testimony that Japanese cuisine is so much more than ramen, sushi, and tempura. Indeed, Niku Ou encourages their customers to dine like a (meat) king!

Melbourne’s Niku Ou is one of only two restaurants in Australia to hold an exclusive licence to the expensive and extremely rare, Kobe Wagyu Beef. Restaurants who are awarded with the classification are also taught in the time-honoured method of cooking the prized steak; experts will lightly cook the wagyu at your very own table, over hot coals, so it is served sizzling hot with nuanced flavour and extraordinary succulence.

With promises of it being the best steak sandwich in the country, offering a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience, a must try dish would be the $228 A5 Kobe Wagyu Chateaubriand sando; two generous slices of succulent A5 Kobe Wagyu are prepared in a Katsu-style sando, and then sprinkled with edible gold flakes.

Niku Ou are the ONLY restaurant in Australia to serve this gold carat showstopper – an unabashed luxury.

Niku Ou also offers a wider range of Japanese dishes, including Sashimi, Udon, Shabu Shabu, and Soba – their impressive menu demonstrates their originality and a commitment to sourcing and serving the finest ingredients!

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