Although the queen of Mandopop A-mei isn’t touching down in Australia until next month, concert organisers E2 Media took the opportunity to rally support for her coming by hosting a roadshow on the 13th of March!

The queen herself was unable to be present, but a well put-together cover band got the crowd going by starting their set with “Bad Boy”, one of A-mei’s classics which certainly got the crowd moving to the beat, bubble tea and popsicles in hand nonetheless.

The lead singer was no A-mei, but she did a pretty good job considering the raving response of the crowd, which was enough to get the aunties jiggling their thang too. Not bad, not bad at all!


Not only was there great music and yummy food galore, for those cheapo uni students like myself the roadshow also gave away many an A-mei ticket, as well as various merch and even ugg boots. Interesting choices…

But just between me and you, I’d rather be going for the actual A-mei concert…just a tiny bit. Tickets are still available, so don’t forget to get yours if you’re going to be out and about in Sydney this April!


AMEI|AMIT UTOPIA World Tour in Sydney

Venue: Allphones Arena
Date: 8th of April 2016
Time: 8pm
Price: SVIP $699 | VIP $369 | $258 | $198 | $158 | $98 | $78 (no booking fees)
Performance length: 120 mins
Arena occupancy: 7000-8000 people
Hotline: 0451 5515 00/ 02 9262 9819
Ticketing Information: TicketekE2 Tickets and various store outlets in Sydney
Website: http://amei.yeeyi.com/syd/


There will also be another Roadshow on the 19th March. Details to come!