Queen of Mandopop A-Mei ended her 3-week stint in Kaohsiung on the 27th of August, where she performed at the Kaohsiung Arena 8 times over 3 weeks for her world tour ‘Utopia 2.0’.

The sheer amount of performances she held there attracted over 10 billion NT worth of tourists who flocked to the Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung just to catch her live performance.

‘Utopia 2.0’, which was held to commemorate aMEI’s 20th year in the industry started off in Shanghai last December with stage designs that were to die for, including elaborate LED setups (36 five-metre screens) and a two-level stage.

Starting off with one of her classics ‘Open Door To Mountain’, she then swiftly transitioned into another Rock classic ‘Are You Ready’, followed by a Rock version of ‘Standing On A High Hill’ before rounding off with ‘Whadd’ya Want’, a newer song performed under her alter-ego Amit.

During her performance aMEI even went into party mode, singing some of her best-loved classics like ‘Jump In’, ‘Fake Gorilla’, ‘Fire’; turning the concert venue into a roaring club scene. aMEI even invited Aboriginal band Boxing signed under her label to join her onstage to keep the party going.

Her 16 year-old niece ANNA who also recently debuted showed off her dance moves in her new single ‘Party Crasher’ at the concert, to the awe of all aMEI’s fans.

But of course, no aMEI party is complete without some ballads, crooning crowd favourites such as ‘So You Didn’t Want Anything At All’, and continuing her trend of dedicating a song to deceased Mandarin music legend Chang Yu-Sheng sang his hit  ‘Listen To You Listening To Me’ with tears in her eyes.

In her twenty years, aMEI has much to celebrate, breaking several records such as having the first album in Taiwan to sell over a million copies, the first female singer to sell over a million copies for two albums in a row (‘Sisters’ and ‘Bad Boy’), the first Taiwanese singer to be interviewed by CNN, the first to be on Time Asia’s top 20 Mandarin Singers, amongst other accolades.

Congratulations to the amazingly talented singer, and here’s to hoping she’ll come back Down Under to perform sometime soon!