Cold War 2 cast

The sequel to the Hong Kong box smash film Cold War 2 continues the 2012 film’s saga of intra-police rivalry. Sean Lau (Aaron Kwok) is now the police commissioner, while rival M.B. Lee (Tony Leung) is about to retire from the force. After a bungled operation in a subway station, however, shadowy politicos connive to replace Lau with Lee.

Joining this all star Hong Kong cast is legendary actor Chow Yun Fat who plays the legislator Oswald Kan.

Like such precursors as Hong Kong cinema classics Infernal Affairs and Election, Cold War 2 is a playful yet serious look about the workings of power in Chinese society.

Cold War 2 banner

Cold War 2 is currently screening at these cinemas in Australia and New Zealand:

悉尼 Sydney

EVENT George Street, EVENT Macquarie, EVENT Burwood, EVENT Hurstville, HOYTS Chatswood, HOYTS Broadway

墨尔本 Melbourne

HOYTS Melbourne Central, Village Century City, Chinatown Cinema

布里斯班 Brisbane

HOYTS Sunnybank, EVENT Garden City

黄金海岸 Gold Coast

EVENT Australian Fair Southport

堪培拉 Canberra

HOYTS Belconnen

珀斯 Perth

HOYTS Carousel

阿德莱德 Adelaide

HOYTS Norwood

奥克兰 Auckland

EVENT Queen Street, EVENT ST Lukes, EVENT Albany, HOYTS Botany Down, HOYTS Wairau Park

汉密尔顿 Hamilton

HOYTS Metro Hamilto

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Cold War 2