Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan has revealed he will take a temporary leave from showbiz to focus on his studies.

The former Fahrenheit member has recently wrapped up his latest drama, Refresh Man, and announced he will be heading to the US in October to take up a filmmaking course.

Aaron Yan clarified that he will not be leaving the entertainment industry and will take at least 3 months of leave to improve on his acting at UCLA.

The reason for his decision is “because I want everyone to see a better me”. He states that he wants to learn more and have more people acknowledge his work. Aaron explains that he entered the entertainment industry as an ‘idol’, so many people have doubts in regards to his acting ability.

He thanks his fans for all the love and support and encourages them “to have the courage to chase after what and who you like and want”. Aaron also assures fans that he will be back in no time.