Japanese pop artist Aimer is back once again with her ninth single ninelie which will be released on 11th May, 2016. The title song (of the same name) is used as the ending theme song of the new anime series Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. A duet with chelly (EGOIST), this song starts off slow, with soothing vocals from both artistes and jumps straight into a powerful chorus that sentimentally bursts with emotion.

“ninelie” and the B-side track, “Through My Blood”, were both produced by Hiroyuki Sawano, who has collaborated with Aimer before in previous works such as “StarRingChild”, used in the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, “Song of ..<AM>” and “s-AVE”.



  1. ninelie / Aimer with chelly (EGOIST)
  2. Through My Blood / Aimer
  3. Spica / Aimer
  4. ninelie (TV size) / Aimer with chelly (EGOIST)
  5. ninelie (Instrumental)