Actress and singer Amber An is set to release her fourth album on the 30th of October called Live Beautifully.

Known for her comical personality and sleek physique, the singer is announced to be working with a slew of notable music professionals such as Adia, Michael Lin, Yao Qian and Xiao Han.

Her first single “Don’t Hold Back” was created specially for her by Golden Melody Award-winning singer-songwriter Ronghao Li, and is an interesting collaboration which has sparked much public attention.

The song details many problems that modern couples face, and through it she hopes to tell others to not force relationships that will not bring true happiness. If one wants a beautiful tomorrow, today will have to be all about being ale to let go.

After leaving the music scene for two years, Amber is seen to have been honing her other entertaining skills in lead roles in movies and TV shows, but music has never left her mind. She has also been attending performing and composition classes, and even bringing her guitar skills up to speed.

After two years of self-reflection which marked a low period in her life, Amber was inspired by a sentence from host and writer Kevin Tsai’s essay; “Being beautiful is a privilege, living beautifully is a skill”. From this, she learned to let go of what was not worth hanging on to and living life beautifully.

Listen to Amber An’s single “Don’t Hold Back”

Amber’s album “Live Beautifully” will be released on the 30th of October, and will be on pre-order on the 17th of October.