Madman’s on-demand anime streaming service AnimeLab is now available to use on FY14 and FY15 Sony TVs (including Android TVs) and Blu-ray players.

Launched in May 2014, AnimeLab is currently available in Australia and New Zealand as a web platform with desktop, tablet and mobile versions. There is also an AnimeLab Android and Apple app, as well as compatibility with Google Chromecast. AnimeLab hopes to expand its services further to other platforms in future.

Both the free and premium subscription versions of AnimeLab will be available on the new Sony TV and Blu-ray platforms. Prices will remain the same. The free version allows viewers to watch a diverse range of standard definition subtitled anime, including fast-tracked episodes. Premium subscribers are able to access both subtitled and dubbed versions of content in full HD and ad-free.

For more information, you can visit the AnimeLab website here.