The line-up for the annual Seoul International Music Fair 2015 (MU:CON Seoul 2015) has been announced. Held from October 6-8 at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, MU:CON aims to expand Korean music abroad and encourage interaction between music industry professionals and consists of a conference of keynote speakers, a music showcase and various networking events. Hello Asia! has more details about the Fair below.

MU:CON 2015 provides the opportunity to meet key figures in the global music industry, and to hear and exchange opinions, information and expertise on the changing trends in global music, the growth and influence of music and Asia and the digital innovations changing the market. There will also be production master classes and workshops with industry heavyweights.

MU:CON’s annual showcase stage provides artists of diverse genres and music styles the chance to display their various talents on a world stage. This year’s selection features 42 K-pop, rock, electronic, rap, jazz and many more different acts. These will be 24Hours, A-Fuzz, ALi, AZBUS, B1A4, BAND SOULTRAIN, Bigstar, Bye Bye Badman, Coreyah, Dead Buttons,Deepflow, Echae en Route, Eluphant, GFriend, Buckkasten, haihm, HarryBigButton, HIGH4, HyukOh, IDIOTAPE, Julia Dream, Ki Ha and the Faces, Kingston Rudieska, Life and Time, Love x Stereo, LudiSTELO, LUNAFLY, Mamamoo, Oh My Girl, Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio, Sultan of the Disco, The Barberettes, The Koxx, THE SOLUTIONS, The Tune, Victim Mentality,W&JAS, Xin Seha and the Town and “JB/” Jangeun Bae.

MU:CON’s Biz-Matching program allows participating artists to meet with music industry professionals, fostering crucial ties and investment. There is also a smaller-scale networking party to provide further business opportunities for domestic and foreign buyers.

The Seoul International Music Fair 2015 (MU:CON Seoul 2015)
Date: October 6-8 2015
Location: Dongdaemun Design Plaza, 281 Euljiro, Jungu, Seoul (100-197)

For further details on the event and how to register, please visit MU:CON’s official website for my details.