To continue engaging with works featured in the second edition of Asia TOPA, audiences now have the opportunity to delve into highlights of the festival, which ran from January to March this year, in digital offering Asia TOPA Connected, which is part of Arts Centre Melbourne’s Together With You program.

In a series of archival performances, mini documentaries, and podcasts, some of the works featured in Asia TOPA Connected include The Planet – A Lament, Metal, Samsara, The Seen and Unseen, Dragon Ladies Don’t Weep and Virtual Intimacy.  

Due to the success of the 2020 Asia TOPA festival, bringing back these special moments in a digital capacity will allow local audiences to reengage and reconnect with their favourite works, or catch events they missed. 

Global audiences have missed out on confirmed tours of these productions following the COVID-19 shutdowns so this initiative will also bring the works back into focus.

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