Secret’s Hyosung came back to meet the fans once again with her second solo album Coloured.

Hyosung’s comeback showcase has been a huge success, sharing the excitement with the media and fans. The showcase was held in the 28th at Yes24 Muv Hall where she performed her new title song “Find Me” (Feat. D.Action) and a song “Dear Moon” which she wrote the lyrics to.

At the media showcase Hyosung commented “it is the same everything but whenever a new album is released, it feels like my own child” expressing her fondness to the second mini album Coloured. The album has been prepared within a theme of ‘happiness’ and she portrayed her happy self and the journey she takes to find the happiness in the album. She expressed her ambition for the new album by quoting “I want a lot of people to become happy by listening to my songs”.


The fan showcase was enjoyed by everyone – the staff, the artist and the fan – with a special event ‘Please Find Hyosung’ where fans got to define their artist and her characteristics. The showcase was broadcasted live through Naver V application, inviting domestic and international fans to enjoy the performance together.

The very first stage performance for Hyosung’s new song “Find Me” (Feat. D.Action) was held on Friday (29th) at The Show Season 5. And with The Show’s performance as the beginning, Hyosung will start the promotion for her second mini album Coloured.