Australian pop sensation Sebastian Rhodes has teamed up with Filipina-Singaporean artist Ysa Yaneza on their latest track ‘Miss Me’.

The pair swap verses on a track that deals with failed past relationships. Musically, the song pushes the boundaries of pop music with its experimentation of glitchy production techniques within a shimmering pop framework.

Rhodes wrote the first verse before realising he needed another voice to help bring the song to life. The Aussie pop sensation found Ysa Yaneza via an online zoom show and reached out to her directly via Instagram. “Ysa had the exact sound I was looking for to complete this single. I sent her the track and we wrote it using voice memos,” he recalls. 

The resultant bop bears similarities to hyper-pop contemporaries such as Charli XCX, Hannah Diamond, and Caroline Polachek. Rhodes displays a confessional and deeply personal approach to songwriting – dropping names of several exes across the track. “Artists like Taylor Swift often write about particular relationships, but I’ve never heard a song that drops 5 exes,” says Rhodes. “It was incredibly therapeutic to reflect and laugh about how I’ve been treated in the past. I wish nothing but the best for every single one of them! It’s not coming from a place of hate.”

Sebastian Rhodes’ ‘Miss Me’ (Feat. Ysa Yaneza) is now out on Spotify and other streaming platforms.