Not long to go till BOYFRIEND arrives in Sydney for the K-Pop Party 2016! Here’s a chance for you to pass on a message to your idols. The Boyfriend Australia Fan Club is organising a special fan project to deliverer YOUR message to BOYFRIEND during their stay in Sydney.

Message guidelines:
– Can be in English or Korean
– Should be 20-30 words long
– [!] Each person can send a maximum of 7 messages (that are 20-30 words long) For example, 1 message to the whole group, 6 messages to each of the members.
– Also, please include your name and country (if not from Australia)

The deadline is February 4th, at 2PM AEST.

Your messages will be printed out and pasted in a notebook (or stored in a small jar) that will be given to the boys on the day of the concert (on the 5th and 6th).

Here’s the link to the project: Boyfriend Australia Fan Project