The annual Chinese event 2015 TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship was successfully held and finally broadcast on Hong Kong’s TVB Channel on the 29th of November. Coming from Malaysia, the 6th contestant Huang Yi Wei, relying on her mature excellent singing skills, she managed to win a rookie’s award. Representing Australia as one of the contestants in the championship is Sydney’s contestant Zhou Guan Nan, and coming from Melbourne is the flower and sister-like group Kuang Jun Yao and Kuang En Yao, they both respectively won a Silver and Bronze award from this year’s show.

The show is hosted by Li Hao Lin, Lin Shi Jie and Song Shuang Jia, these well-known musicians have turned themselves into a group of professional judges, including: Hanjin Tan, Zhang Yun Jing, Mark Lui and Thomas and Jack. They are responsible for the scoring, for all twelve contestants choosing the best as the winner, exploring the talents of Chinese music.


The twelve contestants that come from different parts of the world are gathered together on stage showing their own elite style of performance displaying musical talent. A congregation of contestants taking the lead of energetic dance performances on stage, for the competition to kick off. Coming up, they all individually chose their own preferred songs representing their own style and vocals, to outbreak their potentiality. Through the series of battles, the top six is now successfully born, including: 2nd – Shen Ke (China of Shichuan), 5th – Zhou Guan Nan (Australia of Sydney), 6th – Huang Yi Wei (Malaysia of Penang), 7th – Gu Wei (China of Hong Kong), 9th – Kuang Jun Yao & Kuang En Yao (Australia of Melbourne) and 10th – Wang Dan Ni (China of Sichuan). Entering through the second round, the first part ‘One versus One’, for the first round, there was a lot higher scores obtained for each contestant and its opponent, and so they had to sing the second song they chose, then both the contestant and opponent sang their own songs, mutually judging each others singing style, placing each other in the first top 3. Lastly, 2nd contestant, Shen Ke, 6th contestant, Huang Yi Wei and 9th contestant duo, Kuang Jun Yao and Kuang En Yao came in the 2nd top 3, and the rest of the contestants, 5th contestant, Zhou Guan Nan, 7th contestant, Gu Wei and 10th contestant, Wang Dan Ni entered into the ‘Resurrection War’ part, all three with special guests Fred Cheng and Alfred Hui assembled together to pick the tracks. Among them, the 5th contestant Zhou Guan Nan and Fred Cheng as a duo sang ‘When a Dog Loves a Cat’; the 7th contestant Gu Wei and Alfred Hui sang to ‘Cruises’; 10th contestant Wang Dan Ni and Alfred Hui deeply sung ‘Convoy’ together, all three songs have their own difficulty, this tests each contestant and the special guests cooperation, understanding, complete knowledge of the difficulty! In the end, 5th contestant, Zhou Guan Nan stood out, earning the top 4 as the last.


The competition finally comes to the final round, four top contestants, 2nd – Shen Ke, 5th – Zhou Guan Nan, 6th – Huang Yi Wei, 9th – Kuang Jun Yao and Kuang En Yao once again stands on stage to perform, competing for the winning prize, a Gold Award! The top four entering the final round ‘The Ultimate Strike’, each individual interpreted their own song choice, after going through several fierce battles, 6th contestant – Huang Yi Wei (Malaysia – Penang), with confidence, superb singing, displaying her mature typhoon-like skills through ‘Love, How Should I Go?’, obtaining a yes from all the judges, winning the Rookie Award; 5th contestant – Zhou Guan Nan (Australia – Sydney)
affectionately interpreted the song ‘That Man’, singing a truly touching story, causing the judges to sympathize, successfully obtaining the Silver Award; 9th contestant – Kuang Jun Yao and Kuang En Yao (Australia – Melbourne), displays flawless harmony in the song ‘Loving You is Like Loving Solitary’, awarding with the Bronze Award.

The competition ended successfully with round of applause’s and loud cheers, the several Rookie Award winners will now shine through their Chinese music career, displaying splendorous talent.

Transcribed by Heidi Lam