B1A4 last graced Australia with their presence in 2014 with their Road Trip World Tour. As of the 6th of September they have returned to the land down under – this time to film their new music video!

The group are in the midst of finalising their late-September comeback with a new mini-album. Although B1A4’s leader Jinyoung is well-known as a talented songwriter, fellow members CNU and Baro have participated in writing many songs from the group’s albums over the past few years. This comeback will be no exception with representatives noting that the group members once again participated in the lyric-writing and composition of the mini-album.

After finishing promotions for their full-length album ‘Good Timing’ which was released late last year, B1A4 have been busy celebrating their 6th anniversary and appearing in musicals such as CNU in ‘Hamlet’ and Sandeul in the upcoming ‘About Thirty’. Jinyoung and Baro have also been active in dramas ‘If We Were a Season’ and ‘Manhole’ respectively. Fans can look forward to their comeback later this month.