Japanese kawaii metal phenomenon Babymetal shared their new single “Starlight” on Oct 19, perhaps their most hybrid song to date,  bordering between heavy metal and earworm melody. The song, accompanied by a stark and foreboding new music video, represents another step in the development of the group’s expanding storyline about an unknown “DARK SIDE”, a legend of seven metal spirits: THE CHOSEN SEVEN.

The video arrives just before the Japan leg of Babymetal’s World Tour, which includes the band’s own Dark Night Carnival festival on October 28, at Saitama Super Arena, and their first performances in Australia for  Good Things Festival on December 7-9. The Japan tour will mark a new beginning after the official announcement of longtime member Yuimetal’s departure from the band– leaving members Su-Metal and Moametal to form the core. More info and a statement from the band can be found at their website.

Watch the video for “Starlight” below.

Babymetal will also release a graphic novel, Apocrypha: The Legend of Babymetal, which explores the unknown mythology of the band. In the story, a mission from the Fox God- an entity often featured in Babymetal’s music and performances– takes three reincarnating protagonists on a time-traveling journey from prehistoric Kyoto to modern day New York. the novel is available for pre-order on Amazon, Booktopia, and Angus and Robertson and will be released on 30 October.