The wait is over! Beast is finally back with their third studio album Highlight.

After numerous teasers, the title track “Ribbon” and music video was dropped on July 4th alongside the release of their album. “Ribbon” is a pop and RNB ballad written by Beast‘s very own Junhyung, which talks about trying to save a relationship that is falling apart like a ribbon coming undone. A violin plays throughout the song adding a melancholy feel to the song. The song also shows Yoseob‘s impressively high vocal range as he slays the high notes at the climax of the song.

Junhyung explains that he was inspired to write the song when he was wearing his hotel gown and the gown became undone. He thought to himself, “I tied it so tightly, why did it become undone so easily?” which sparked his inspiration to apply the same concept between lovers.

The music video shows a rather vintage-look which compliments the feel of the song, and the members clean ribbon-like choreography.

Highlight is a truly collaborative project by Beast, with all members taking part in writing for album. The album also consists of Doojoon and Kikwang‘s duet as well as solos by Yoseob, Junhyung, and Dongwoon.


Beast‘s Highlight is out now! Remember to check it out!