The Beijing-based label Nasty Wizard Records, who describe themselves as ‘an international sect of occult sound practitioners’, have released a Post-Rock Compilation, featuring bands from China, South Korea, Japan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and The Philippines.

Amongst the bands to be featured on the compilation are Chinese post-rock legends Wangwen, whose latest and 10th album was recorded at Sigur Ros’s Sundlaugin studio in Iceland, Miss Woman who hail from Guilin, Guangxi (which interestingly, is in the direct opposite direction diagonally from Wangwen’s base of Dalian), as well as newer names such as BLAD (Korea) showcasing the diversity within the genre with their noise-laden, math rock vibes.

Perhaps the coolest part is that release was created in celebration of 2018’s International Cassette Store Day, which for all those wondering, has been observed since 2013.

The Post-Rock Compilation is available on a limited run of 200 cassette tapes. However, if you’ve long said goodbye to your cassette player, the album can be streamed via their Bandcamp page.

The painting used as the artwork for this compilation is by James Sserwadda, a Ugandan artist living and working in Beijing.