Ben Wu (Wu Szu Shien) stepped into the Taiwanese entertainment industry through a talent scouting show, Bang Bang Tang in 2008, that brought to fame groups such as Lollipop F and JPM. But it was not until 2014 that Ben was able to release his own solo album, The Best (最好的…?)

After 2 long years of waiting, he is finally back with his second album, Hide and Seek, that will be release on the 30th of May.


For the past two years, he has been working hard to improve on his dancing and vocal skills, as well as starring in his debut drama, Love Cuisine. Ben hopes to show fans a more mature side of him, as his last two years experience has helped him grow as a singer.

His inspiration behind the album is that life is a game of hide and seek. When you were young, the game was to gather friends together and share happiness and laughter. As we get older and busier, it gets harder to stay in touch with your loved ones. Hide and seek becomes a game you play alone, where you feel helpless and lonely whilst you seek for your direction in life.


So let’s be excited for Ben to accompany you in your journey to find yourself! Sneak peak of the album is already available on KKBOX!