Bii was born and raised in South Korea, and has been based in Taiwan for the last 10 years. Within these 10 years, he was forced to learn many things from scratch in order to pursue his love for music. He had to learn a new language, dance, and live in a unfamiliar city without family or friends, but he never forgot his roots.

Bii will be back with his 4th album, I’M Bii TO THE DOUBLE i, that will be released on the 6th of June. He hopes to show his fans that hard work does lead to success and let them see a more mature side of him this upcoming album.


Bii explains that both the ‘i”s in his name represents different sides of him, but together he will be able to give double the love to his family and fans.

Fans are no doubt highly anticipating the album especially with the sneak peak of the title track “Catch Your Double Eye” and the release of the leading ballad track “All You Did“.

Check it out below: