Billboard Radio China presented a total of 8 awards for 2016 at Billboard Radio Live.

Top awardee JW took home “2016 Artist of the Year, Hong Kong” and “Cantonese Top 10 Song of the Year” for her hit single “Life Full of Crazy Contradictions”. The track had ranked number 1 for 8 consecutive weeks on the Billboard Cantonese Top 10 Songs.

Another top awardee was Jason Chan who won “Best Cantonese Male Artist of the Year” and for his 10th year anniversary hit song “I Am Nothing Without You”.

Other recipients included LIl’Ashes for Rising Artist/ Group of the Year 2016 Hong Kong, Jonathan Wong for Breakthrough Male Artist of  the Year 2016 Hong Kong, and Kandy Wong for Breakthrough Female Artist of the Year 2016 Hong Kong.

The five artists each performed to a live audience on the Billboard Radio China Stage.