t’s been almost a year since the release of their last single As If It’s Your Last, but YG have announced the next release date of Black Pink’s first mini album as June 15th!

Taking to Instagram, Yang Hyun-Suk, CEO of YG Entertainment personally announced the next release date by sharing a snippet from a Q & A he recently partook in, answering that “The absence of YG’s only girl group Black Pink was too long…but this coming June 15, Black Pink will release their 1st mini album. As long as it took to prepare, we have satisfactory products, and we believe that beginning with the mini album release in June, the group will be able to carry out promotions throughout the year with new songs back to back. Please look forward to Black Pink’s unstoppable run.”

Black Pink recently released their official lightstick, perhaps in preparation for their comeback, but until June, we’ll just sit here listening to As If It’s Your Last on repeat.