Since being announced as the new global ambassadors for Louis Vuitton in April, BTS have continued to succeed in making strides within the fashion world as faces for the luxury brand.

Collectively, ARMY (the beloved group’s fanbase) and fashion industry heavyweights were sent into an excited frenzy when BTS modelled pieces from designer Virgil Abloh’s newest Spin-off collection for Louis Vuitton’s fall-winter 2021 menswear fashion show in July.

And now, the worlds biggest boy band have debuted their first self-designed item for the brand.

Louis Vuitton

To commemorate the 200th birthday of Louis Vuitton’s founder, 200 esteemed collaborators from around the globe were invited to create their own designs for Louis Vuitton’s iconic trunk luggage. Among this slim selection of influential icons were BTS themselves – and their artistic take, released for preview, is sure to delight!

BTS Louis Vuitton Iconic Trunk 200th Birthday Anniversary Whales
Louis Vuitton

Colour, creative cartoons, Hangeul, and different iterations of BTS’ and Louis Vuitton’s logos can be seen covering all sides of the trunk, of which BTS designed. Fans will be able to spot the hidden meanings of certain images drawn by the boys themselves with helpfully placed signatures to identify each illustrating member – think carrot pouches, plenty of purple, and cartoon whales.

BTS Louis Vuitton Iconic Trunk 200th Birthday Anniversary Handbag Carrot
Louis Vuitton

No doubt, excitable shoppers all over the world will wish to get their hands on this creation for their closets – however, the item is a one-off and will be auctioned for charity this December with all proceeds going towards an organisation that is yet to be confirmed. Rest assured, though, that we can expect to see more of the trunk in a digitised format across social media until then!

BTS’ charitable foray into fashion has us asking once again: Is there anything that they can’t do?