K-Pop superstars BTS have just released a teaser video for their single ‘Dynamite’. The full video will be released on August 21 at 2:00 pm AEST.

The teaser video alone has already attracted over 15 million views, cementing the act’s position as one of the world’s most popular music groups.

‘Dynamite; will be the Korean group’s first song to be sung in English. The track itself is upbeat, funky, and incredibly danceable.

A few hours before dropping the teaser, BTS contributed to Hans Ulrich Obrist’s do it project. The epic project, which has been ongoing since 1993, involves the sharing of DIY ideas. The latest chapter in the project, do it (around the world), requests for all submitted DIY ideas to be able to be undertaken at home – a reflection of the COVID-19 age. 

BTS submitted the following piece to the project:

Connect one dot with another.
Draw a line, create a plane.
Beyond the boundaries of time and space,
“You” and “I” become “We”.
Our future is a beautiful image.


The exhibition can be viewed via Google Arts and Culture digital platform

Make sure to watch the ‘Dynamite’ teaser video below:

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