The Cabramatta Moon Festival in Sydney’s south-west is back again for 2018 and will celebrate 20 years this Sunday 23rd September.

The festival is traditionally held by Chinese and Vietnamese people to celebrate the Mid-Autumn harvest. The Moon Festival aims to offer a total journey experience- travelling to South East Asia without having to leave the country. Visitors to the festival will be able to taste authentic food, experience the culture and tradition, and immerse themselves in the diversity of South-East Asia.

The day will start from 9am, with the entertainment starting from 11am. The streets of Cabramatta will once again come alive with food stalls, live entertainment, free rides and hands-on activities. This year there will be special guest appearances, such as MasterChef contestants Lisa Diep and Jenny Lam, as well as staple favourites like the traditional lion dances, the Moon Goddess and children’s lantern parade, and competitions such as one-handed prawn peeling. The jam-packed day will round out with a fireworks display at 8pm.

The annual Moon Festival is one of Sydney’s largest authentic South East Asian cultural celebrations, attracting more than 90,000 people each year. The event tries to promote better community relations and fosters a better understanding of one of the city’s largest cultural groups.

The locations and times of each program and activity can be viewed on this easy-to-follow map, if you want to plan ahead. The full program guide is available here.