Hello Asia brings you the latest overview in chart rankings as of the 11th of December from Chinese music chart KKBox (Hong Kong & Taiwan).

KKBox Taiwan as of the 5/12 (Weekly)
1. A Little Happiness – Hebe Tien
2. Running Around In Circles – Yoga Lin
3. Don’t Say We’ve Never Loved – William Wei
4. Goodbye – G.E.M.
5. Long Distance – G.E.M.
6. Why Not Love – Rosie Yang
7. Quietness – Miu Chu
8. Love Doesn’t Need to Pretend – R-chord
9. If Only – JJ Lin
10. Love. This Thing – Maggie Fu

KKBox Hong Kong as of the 5/12 (Weekly)
1. A Lifetime of Contradictions – JW
2. Rashomon – Juno Mak & Kay Tse
3. Sympathetic Response – Phil Lam
4. We All Get Hurt – Ginny Ng
5. She Doesn’t Love Me Enough – Kwan Gor
6. Superman – AGA
7. High Mountains Low Valleys – Phil Lam
8. Keep in Mind Constantly – Juno Mak
9. Sunshine Song – Kwan Gor
10. Housemates – Alex Fong & Stephy Tang

For 21 consecutive weeks, S.H.E member Hebe Tien still stays strong at 1st place with the hit track for Taiwan box office film ‘Our Times’. Singer Yoga Lin moves up to 2nd place with track ‘Running Around In Circles’ while folk-pop singer William Wei moves down to 3rd place for his track ‘Don’t Stay We’ve Never Loved’. Rock-pop singer R-chord drops to 8th place with his hit titled song ‘Love Doesn’t Need to Pretend’ and female singer Miu Chu rises to 7th place with track ‘Quietness’, an insert song used in Taiwan television drama ‘Bromance’.