Hello Asia! is back to present to you the latest Chinese music chart rankings as of 19th of April from streaming service KKBox (Hong Kong & Taiwan music chart).

KKBox (Taiwan) as of the 8/4 (Weekly)

1. Twilight – JJ Lin
2. A Little Happiness – Hebe Tien
3. Love Myself More – Della Wu
4. Infatuated Rose – Under Lover
5. Hip-Hop Feel – 911
6. Next Life – 911
7. Be My Own Friend – Della Wu
8. 9453 – 911
9. Don’t Say We’ve Never Loved – William Wei
10. Remembering You – Shennio Lin

KKBox (Hong Kong) as of the 8/4 (Weekly)

1. True Lovers – Stephanie Ho
2. People – Kwan Gor
3. A Lifetime of Contradictions – JW
4. You & Me – Dear Jane
5. A Pair of Hands – Phil Lam
6. Rashomen – Juno Mak & Kay Tse
7. She Doesn’t Love Me Enough – Kwan Gor
8. Superman – AGA
9. Hillwood Road – Kay Tse
10. Sympathetic Response – Phil Lam

Hebe has finally lost her place in topping the chart with her long time hit ‘A Little Happiness’, and is replaced by Singaporean singer/writer JJ Lin‘s track ‘Twilight’. Ballad singer Della Wu tops 3rd and 7th place with the latest songs ‘Love Myself More’ and ‘Be My Own Friend’ from her latest album ‘Be My Best Friend’, while jazz-pop singer William Wei comes back into 9th place with his recurring hit ‘Don’t Say We’ve Never Loved’.