Hello Asia! brings you the latest overview in chart rankings as of 1st of February from Chinese music chart KKBox (Hong Kong & Taiwan).

KKBox (Taiwan) as of the 28/1 (Weekly)

1. A Little Happiness – Hebe Tien
2. Twilight – JJ Lin
3. Infatuated Rose – Under Lover
4. Running Around In Circles – Yoga Lin
5. Might As Well – Janice Yan
6. The Key – JJ Lin
7. Sometime After – Christine Fan
8. 9453 – 911
9. Don’t Say We’ve Never Loved – William Wei
10. Next Life – 911

KKBox (Hong Kong) as of the 28/1 (Weekly)

1. A Lifetime of Contradictions – JW
2. She Doesn’t Love Me Enough – Kwan Gor
3. Rashomon – Juno Mak & Kay Tse
4. Sunshine Song – Kwan Gor
5. Sympathetic Response – Phil Lam
6. Pairs – Gin Lee
7. Remember to Forget Me – Alfred Hui
8. High Mountains Low Valleys – Phil Lam
9. Finding the Right Person – Hins Cheung
10. We All Get Hurt – Ginny Ng

Rising singer Janice Yan‘s recent hit insert track ‘Might As Well’ for Chinese film ‘Go Lala Go’ falls to 5th place while all-time popular singer Yoga Lin‘s ending track for Taiwan drama ‘Marry Me, or Not?’ takes the 4th place. Taiwan’s newest duo group 911‘s track ‘Next Life’ drops to 10th place and William Wei enters back into the chart at 9th place with his past charted track ‘Don’t Say We’ve Never Loved’.