Hello Asia brings you the latest in Chinese music chart rankings as of the 28th of October from KKBox (Hong Kong & Taiwan).

KKBox Taiwan as of the 24/10 (Weekly)
1. A Little Happiness – Hebe Tien
2. Don’t Say We’ve Never Loved – William Wei
3. Why Not Love – Rosie Yang
4. Love Doesn’t Need to Pretend – R-chord
5. Long Distance – G.E.M.
6. Only If – JJ Lin
7. You’ve Always Been Here – Della Ding
8. Foam – G.E.M.
9. Love More – Bii, Andrew Tan, Ian Chen & Dino Lee
10. King of Comedy – Li Rong Hao

KKBox Hong Kong as of the 24/10 (Weekly)
1. Rashomon – Juno Mak & Kay Tse
2. Everlasting Heart – Linda Chung
3. Keep in Mind Constantly – Juno Mak
4. She Doesn’t Love Me Enough – Kwan Gor
5. High Mountains Low Valleys – Phil Lam
6. Take It to Heart – Juno Mak
7. Finding the Right Person – Hins Cheung
8. Sunshine Song – Kwan Gor
9. Unconditional – Eason Chan
10. Andersen’s Wrong – Phil Lam

This week, folk-pop-rock singer William Wei takes 2nd place with the hit song ‘Don’t Say We’ve Never Loved’, 3rd place is taken over by newly pop singer Rosie Yang’s hit song ‘Why Not Love’ featured as the ending song in SETTV’s friday drama Love Cuisine. Whilst, female singer Della Ding moves up to 7th place with her new track ‘You’ve Always Been Here’ and ‘Love More’ sung by Bii, Andrew Tan, Ian Chen & Dino Lee drops to 9th place.