When Crowd Lu retreated from the Taiwanese music scene due to mandatory national service, the entire population of Taiwan eagerly awaited his return. Now three years later, Crowd Lu has finally re-emerged with his fifth compositional album called What A Folk!!!!!! that will be released on the 7th of June.

His inspiration behind this album was to create a folk-based album that could be listened to anywhere and at anytime:

“I want to create a folk album that no matter at home or on holiday, can be listened to for an entire day”

Doing a lot of research to create this album, this time around Lu’s trying a new guitar in the recording of the album with the use of an acoustic trio as the foundation of the album’s arrangement.

Bucking the electronic trend that everyone seems to be onto nowadays, Lu’s latest album promises a completely organic experience, with each element of the album being recorded rather than being created artificially.

We are immensely excited to hear from the talented singer-songwriter again, let’s just hope he lives up to how good his album sounds!

Crowd Lu’s album “What A Folk!!!!!!” will be released on the 7th of June, pre-order starts from the 11th of May.