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In the upcoming early months of 2016, singer Cyndi Wang will be holding her first concert in 12 years, at the Taipei Arena on January 2nd 2016.

Also, on the 4th of December, Cyndi will be releasing her 11th studio album Dare to or Dare to Not, the new track ‘Far Away’ just released a few days ago has topped the 1st place on iTunes chart (Taiwan) and the music video on YouTube hit 70,000 views in just 3 days! The sweet teacher changed to the poignant love songs girl has opened doors for the new album.

Netizens have left messages saying “the song is really good, the music video is also very aesthetic, hopes for the album this time can achieve a Golden Melody Award, fighting!” Another fan commented “at the start of the day, I listened to the song till the phone had no more battery”.

In the recent week, Cyndi exposed the album’s new concept with the help of Japan’s recent popular stylist Kumiko, it is the first overseas collaboration she has done, blending the age with the modern feel together, clashing the beauty of art to bring out Cyndi’s “sweet appearance yet strong bones” this type of characteristics.

Kumiko really likes Cyndi’s unique qualities, she was very pleased to make Cyndi become the world’s first person to dress in this consuming half a year of works, exclusive printing technology’s custom-made dress. This dress has used a lot of printing, lace and chiffon and the brand’s coloration brings out the strong flower atmosphere technique. Using bright saturated shades to bring out the colourful sense of youthfulness, the dress itself is so stunning it has already captivated the globe’s attention.

That day of the photoshoot, Kumiko immediately started taking photos when Cyndi wore on the dress after sending the photos to Mika via a communication software, the master of arts was very surprised and exclaimed “it really is a perfect fit!”, making lots of praises at Cyndi’s dream dress bringing her personal qualities out, making Nina’s work even more remarkable.

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Being able to collaborate with the two top designers from Japan, Cyndi immersed with the aesthetics, addressed them both saying “this composition is really all just a big dream!”. Cyndi excitedly expressed saying “I had always admired Mika’s style, the strong vibrant use of colours has deeply captivated me, honestly I have once hoped of myself acting in the film ‘Sakuran’ she directed for.

However, Cyndi expressed, this is her first time time wearing her seventh wedding dress for work related tasks. For every drama she filmed in the past, all required her to wear a wedding dress, even this one time she wore a wedding dress twice for a special part of the drama. This made her easily remembered her seven times in a wedding dress, ever since Taiwan’s designers opened up an international boutique, to the artist Mika Ninagawa’s dream masterpiece. Although Cyndi was really satisfied with this photo shoot in results of the work, but can’t help and show her sorrows saying, “The time when I really do get married, what else can I even wear?”, but she also frankly spoke up saying because of all the packed work she has, even planned out the layout for the rest of 2016, the option for marriage isn’t part of her current plans.

The new album will be available to pre-order on 11th November at Family Mart convenience store, 13th November at all retail music stores in all regions and will be officially released on 4th December. Pre-ordering will come in two versions, A/Dazzling Cindy in Lights edition, the album will come with a bonus ‘Support Cyndi Dazzling Glow Stick’ and B/Amazing Cindy Daring edition, the album will come with a bonus ‘Amazing Cindy Daring Photo book’.