Darian Chen has just released his latest song ‘Endless Summer’. Deeply nostalgic, and yet somewhat whimsical and dreamlike, the song reminds you of the very human need to pause, and to listen.

Instrumentals, the delicate keyboard melodies, elegant piano stanzas, and a syncopated beat of soft synth drums, are accompanied by a diverse soundscape of sound recordings; waves crashing on the beach and chimes twinkling in the wind add to the sense of sentimentality.

The vocals, beautifully bright, breathy, and air-like, round out to something a lot more harsh towards the end of the track; coarse and over-processed, just like our memories.

“When making it, I dreamt about the future and thought back to those long summers as a kid – when time stood still, and everything felt limitless – a nostalgia from the future,” says Chen of his new single.

‘Endless Summer’ is now available on all platforms.

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