David’s Master Pot is revamping its signature Malatang broth, just in time to celebrate the first birthday of its Swanston Street store.

Translating to “spicy, numbing soup”, Malatang originated from the Sichuan region of China; a popular street food, Malatang is a convenient and express version of traditional hot pot experiences. 

But this is not your typical Malatang! After 30 years of perfecting the art of Malatang in China, award-winning Sichuan Chef David Li brought his secret recipe blend to Melbourne! Made on-site in Richmond, the Malatang is brewed fresh on a flame that has never gone out since its creation in 2018.

Chef David Li has recently adapted the signature broth to reduce the oiliness while maintaining the authenticity of the traditional Sichuan recipe. Not only will this reduce food waste, the revised Malatang broth means that foodies will finally be able to savour David’s signature broth!

“Revising the signature broth was our way of ensuring that the Malatang can be savoured by everyone! Whilst many of our customers wanted to drink the spicy soup base, the traditional Sichuan flavours made it too oily for some, as it is traditionally used for flavour and not drinking. Now everyone can enjoy the signature broth!” says David’s Master Pot Chef David Li. 

Offering multiple soup broth and stir fry options, David’s Master Pot allows customers to prepare their very own customisable bowl of Malatang! The ability to adjust spice levels means that everyone can enjoy a mouthwatering bowl, from mildly spicy to face meltingly hot. 

David’s Master Pot has store locations in Melbourne’s CBD – Elizabeth St, Russell St, Swanston St, Box Hill and Glen Waverley.

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