EXO-Ls have been rejoicing since the news of D.O.’s first-ever official solo release (not including his many soundtrack and cover songs over the past decade) was confirmed by SM Entertainment – the first teaser dropped just this week on July 1!

D.O.’s mini-album – the name, track list, and further details of which are currently unconfirmed despite fans’ speculation and anticipation – will be released on 26 July at 6pm KST.


D.O. is considered as one of the best vocalists within legendary K-Pop act EXO; indeed, his extensive vocal ability ranks him as one of the finest within the K-Pop industry as a whole. With a distinguishably warm and rich tone that has coloured many beloved EXO tracks, in addition to his features outside of the group (a fan favourite is 2016’s ‘Tell Me (What Is Love)’ in collaboration with producer Yoo Young-Jin), fans of D.O. and EXO have in fact been calling for a solo debut from D.O. for years.

So, what to expect from the long-awaited solo release? The black and white teaser image featuring D.O. running through a field of flowers in a school uniform-like outfit doesn’t give away much – anything from pensive to playful, moody to mood-making may be on the cards based on the broody yet frolicking vibe of the shot.

While few are expecting D.O. to veer into the hyper-upbeat directions of EXO sub-units EXO-SC and EXO-CBX’s pop offerings, many are divided as to whether D.O.’s solo will bear more resemblance to the introspective ballads comprising bandmates Suho and Chen’s solo discographies, or the R&B styles favoured by Baekhyun and Kai.

Regardless of the styles and themes that D.O. presents as part of his mini-album later this month, we can only hope that the song selection will fully showcase the extent of D.O.’s incredible vocal talent. This is truly deserved, for D.O. and fans alike, with this debut marking years of D.O. showcasing the skills necessary to craft a truly brilliant solo music career.