Dominic Chin has dropped the stripped-down version of his emotional pop ballad ‘clse2u’. The reimagined material features a duet with Singaporean singer-songwriter Jean Seizure.

Embellished with a luscious orchestral arrangement, ‘clse2u’ offers some truly transcendent, yet remarkably intimate moments. Jean Seizure’s captivating vocals add another layer of sublime dreaminess to the track.

“Jean was a longtime friend, and we always wanted to collaborate but there was never a chance,” says Dominic Chin. “When the idea for the album popped up, it was only natural for me to want to work with Jean on this very special song.”

The new version of ‘clse2u’ will be part of Re-Licensed To Cry – an upcoming digital release, featuring different interpretations and brand-new adaptations of the songs featured on Dominic Chin’s debut EP.

“The whole album is entirely recorded with live acoustic instruments with as little ‘vocal effects’ as possible,” Chin shared in a statement. 

All the songs are recorded as a duet with other Singapore-based singer-songwriters and musicians. In addition to Jean Seizure, the likes of Jason Yu, Marian Carmel, Haneri, Gail Belmonte, Sherman Zhuo, and Eli Ordonez from Count Vernon will be featured on the online album.

Every singer on board has had some form of connection to the song itself and it was why they were invited to be part of the song,” Chin explains.

Listen to “clse2u (reimagined)” via Umami Records.

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