To all the film lovers out there, streaming service DramaFever has a brand new feature launched, you can now watch the best of Korean movies, on demand for people living in the U.S. and Canada.

As of now, the newly released CJ E&M Movie Channel will be available, with two dozen films ready on demand for premium subscribers. Users can access the channel at http://dramafever.com/movies, and for the first three days, Chinese film ’20 Once Again’ will be available to view for FREE before it will require users to be on subscription.

This is not the only good news, both CJ E&M and DramaFever have teamed up to host a seven week worth of giveaways. Each week from the start of March 7, a prize will be awarded to those who enter in the competition (anyone that watches a movie is eligible to participate). In addition, DramaFever subscribers have access to a library of 700 TV series, movie and music titles, and more than 15,000 episodes – on-air TV series would most likely be up and airing in no time (usually first-run, same or the next day). Many of the titles come from CJ E&M and other known broadcasting networks.

Check out below the available titles, up and ready to view on demand, only at DramaFever!


Romantic Comedies

20 Once Again

    – A 70-year-old woman is transformed into a 20-year-old and proceeds to meet several handsome young men.

Dancing Queen

    – Funny, romantic comedy about a bored married couple who decide to go for their dreams – he runs for mayor; she becomes a K-pop singer.

The Happy Life

    – Pretty boy Jang Geun Suk stars in a comedy about an aging rock band that gets back together for one last stab at a happy life.


    – Three generations of women (an interior designer in her 40s, a 27 year old screenwriter and a teenage high school student) are faced with a variety of challenges to finding romance, but ultimately each finds her own way to happiness in this romantic comedy.

Little Black Dress

    – Romantic coming of age comedy about four friends in their twenties navigating their ways through high society, sudden fame, babysitting and more.

Penny Pinchers

    – Romantic comedy with Song Joong Ki and Han Ye Seul from Madame Antoine, in which a conscientious young woman obsessed with saving money teams up with her handsome but clueless neighbor in a money-making scheme.

Runway Cop

    – Zoolander fans will love this silly comedy about an overweight and overzealous cop who goes undercover as a fashion model.

Salut D’Amour

    – Funny, charming, romantic family comedy about finding love at any age, starring Chanyeol from EXO.

Venus Talk

    – I Need Romance fans will love this romantic dramedy about three best friends in their forties dealing with much younger boyfriends, kids moving out, Viagra and more.

Whatcha Wearin’

    – In this sexy comedy starring Ji Sung, a woman tries to spice up her relationship with phone sex, only to dial the wrong number, which leads to a very intimate conversation among strangers.

Touching Dramas

Late Autumn

    – Filmed in Seattle, this is a classic melodrama about a woman imprisoned for murdering her husband. When her mother dies, she’s given 72 hours to visit her family in Seattle, where she meets a gigolo (Hyun Bin) who is running from his past.

Lump of Sugar

    – Beautiful film about the strong relationship between a girl who dreams of being a jockey and her horse.

Over the Border

    – Surprisingly light human drama about a family divided sees a North Korean family join to escape to the South when they discover their grandfather is still alive.


Friend 2

    – Starring Kim Woo Bin, this film takes place 17 years after the hit original, following three generations of gangsters as they compete for power.

Tough as Iron

    – Starring Yoo Ah In, this action drama is about a young man who joins a gang to provide for his mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

Fascinating Historicals

Hwang Jin Yi

    (2007) – Historical biography of Korea’s most famous courtesan, a 16th century aristocrat who discovers she isn’t really of noble birth, and after stepping down, decides to settle a few scores.

Private Eye

    – For fans of Sherlock Holmes, this is a historical whodunnit about Korea’s (real) first detective in 1910’s Seoul.

Twisted Thrillers

The Berlin File

    – This spy thriller is a tale of espionage between North and South Korea, betrayal and unexpected surprises…


    – A veterinarian and his fiancée pull over at a rest stop on a trip to visit his family, but when he returns to the car, she has vanished without a trace. Returning to her home, he finds it completely trashed and begins to piece together the shocking truth behind the woman he only thought he knew.


    – An underworld story of a hit-woman who struggles with her feelings for her much older target, a veteran gang kingpin.


    – A twisted revenge story about a serial killer who messes with the wrong woman (viewer discretion advised).

Parallel Life

    – Ji Jin Hee (Dong Yi) stars in this well-reviewed thriller about a young judge whose seemingly perfect life is shattered when his wife is brutally murdered by a man he had ruled against. A tidy case becomes a bizarre story when a reporter uncovers that an almost identical incident occurred exactly 30 years ago, and if the pattern holds, the judge is about to murder his own daughter… Inspired by the coincidental similarities between the lives of JFK and Abraham Lincoln.

The Unjust

    – Under national pressure to solve the vicious murder of five young girls, the President conspires with the police to pin the guilt on a suspect who may have had nothing to do with it. A dark, twisted indictment of the justice system for fans of Making a Murderer.

Check out the new CJ E&M Movie Channel at https://www.dramafever.com/movies/