Want to binge watch dramas without the guilt these holidays? Well DramaFever has got you covered with their new short-form ‘DF Minis’ series!

Each ‘DF Minis’ series will have episodes which are only 10 minutes long. Five new Minis will be released every month and series will premiere simultaneously (because binge viewing habits die hard).

You can now already watch the following DF Minis:

Love Cells 2 (12 episodes) – Fresh from playing matchmaker in Love Cells, the love guru Nebi (Kim Yoo Jung) returns to work her magic on a couple that is tragically torn apart when they lose memories of their romance.

Secret Message (18 episodes) – While Woo Hyun (T.O.P.) and Haruka (Juri Ueno) live entirely different lives in different countries, both harbor intense emotional baggage that translates across Korea and Japan. Despite being an optimist at heart, Woo Hyun struggles with the idea of ever finding that special person, while Haruka is obsessed with finding the answer to that thing called love.

Never Die (5 episodes) – Ji Eun Sung plays a young man in the present day who falls for Nam Ji-Hyun from K-pop group 4minute, who portrays a 200-year-old immortal who eternally looks like a beautiful 20 year old. When two people are in love but one of them is 200 years old, how can they make their romance last?

You can also check out these DF Minis later on this month:

9 Seconds – Eternal Time (premieres December 8; seven episodes) – When two people meet for the first time at a photo studio, they discover a camera that has the ability to stop time.

Snow Lotus Flower (formerly known as Lucid Dream; premieres December 11; two episodes) – In this fantasy/romance drama, two people in the present meet each other in their dreams as lovers from 1,000 years ago.

Love Detective Sherlock (premieres December 15; 10 episodes) – A psychologist of love (Nam Bo Ra) runs the ‘Healing Cafe’ where she helps various clients with their love problems.

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