The famous Korean hip hop group Dynamic Duo is making a comeback and will have their showcase through V App on the 17th November. Their 8th album Grand Carnival will be performed for the first time and will be broadcasted live through V App.

Dynamic Duo is to hold the comeback showcase on the same day as their release of the 8th album Grand Carnival on 17th November. The album will be released on midday, and the showcase will be held at 8pm. Their comeback has taken 2 years, since the release of their last album Luckynumbers in 2013.

During Dynamic Duo’s showcase, Amoeba Culture will open the Naver V App channel to live broadcast the showcase to the fans. The showcase will be held at Hongdae Yes 24 Move Hall on the 17th November 8pm, and the V App channel will live broadcast the group’s performance and interaction with fans.