South Korean hip-hop legends Dynamic Duo will be releasing their latest full-length album GRAND CARNIVAL on the 17th of November. The cover image of GRAND CARNIVAL was released yesterday through the group’s official social media pages and showcases candid photos of Choiza and Gaeko looking exhausted after giving their all at a performance.

The duo revealed on the 8th that their upcoming album had been worked on in collaboration with producers and artists such as Primary, Gray, Crush, Dean, Zico, Lydia Paek, PEEJAY and Staytuned. This album will be Dynamic Duo’s return to the music industry two years and four months after the release of their 7th full-length album LUCKYNUMBERS. Their return comes at the same time as a number of other prominent artists and fans are growing eager to see how the remainder of the month will play out – who do you think will come out on top?

Dynamic Duo GIF

Dynamic Duo’s GRAND CARNIVAL will be released on the 17th at 12 noon KST. Follow their agency Amoeba Culture’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts and stay tuned to Hello Asia! for more details!